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White marble for kitchen counter-top: Yay , nay, not sure ?

White marble for kitchen counter-top: Yay , nay, not sure ?

Gorgeous Carrara and Calacatta marble is classic, with their classic white and gray veining. It has been used for centuries in homes and public venues. But these days, this natural marble is striking up a debate among homeowners, contractors and designers if its a good fit for kitchen. We all love the look, but the debate about the maintenance and wearability is bringing up questions about when & where white marble is appropriate to use.  The vote is split on it. It all boils down to your lifestyle, mindset & expectations. 

Do not go for white marble kitchen if 

1.  You are the type of person that needs a product to look exactly as it did the day you purchased it.  Marble is a natural product, so no matter what the application, it will change, age and wear over time. So if you are expecting that on day 365 it will look same as on day 1 then move to next countertop material. Here are few other options

2.  Acid from substances such as red wine, marinara sauce, blueberries and even lemons can tarnish the look of the marble if left to sit overnight. So if you are not the type of homeowner who picks up after yourself after each use in the kitchen & your kitchen counter wouldn't get wiped down until the next morning then white marble is not for you. 

If your lifestyle & mindset allowed you to go for white marble & you ended up doing a marble kitchen, here are some marble maintenance tips

Tip 1: Have your marble sealed. A sealer won’t protect your marble completely, but it will buy you some time if you’ve left an acidic substance on your surface that wasn’t wiped up right away. 

Tip 2: Spot-treat your marble. Many home improvement and tile companies sell a spray cleaner that is also a sealant. You can use this cleaner periodically in high-use areas as a spot treatment. 

Tip 3: Consider polished vs. honed. A polished marble is a little more resistant to staining, whereas a honed surface is a bit more absorbent. Many people choose a polished marble countertop for that reason.The notorious problems with white marble comes with the polished slabs – certain juices and foods will etch through the polish.    Honed is the only way to go if you want to use white marble in your kitchen.  

Good luck with your new marble kitchen. If you already have one please share your experiences. 

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