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Is it Carrara , Calacatta or Statuary ?

From Carrara to Calacatta to Statuary, which italian white marble is that really?

Italian White Marbles like Bianco Carrara and Calacata are some of the most popular counter- top and back-splash choices for today’s kitchens.   It can be confusing to know what you are looking for and what you are getting when shopping for white marble for your kitchen project. This is because there are many varieties of Italian white marble that come from the same region of Italy and because many re-sellers use different names for them,

Italian White Marble Classifications

There are many marble quarries in  Carrara region of Italy located on the coast of Northern Tuscany area but the three main types are Bianco Carrara,  Statuary White and Calacata, all of which are graded for specific attributes like the whiteness of the background and the color and movement of the veins.  This is similar to the way diamonds are graded for color, clarity and cut.  And, like diamonds, the higher the grade of white marble, the higher the price.  The simplest way to tell these materials apart is to use the “Background and Vein Color” rule.  

Bianco Carrara – This has “grayish white” background with overall thin and feathery grey veining. This is cheaper then Calcatta & Statuary.

Statuary White – This has a cool, bright white background with thicker dark grey veining evenly distributed over the surface.

Calacatta – This has a warm white background with a blend of thick and thin bands of beige, light grey and green grey to blue grey.

Pricing ??

Pricing for all 3 types of “Carrara White Marble” can vary widely depending on the grade of the stone.  The whiter and cleaner the background and the more evenly distributed the veining, the higher the price. Like any precious commodity, the finest grade is only a small portion of the production and the demand definitely outstrips the supply.

Tips for shopping for White Marble

All stone slabs are a product of nature, and no two are exactly alike.  That is especially true of the Italian Carrara Marbles, where the movement of the veining can vary greatly from one bundle of slabs to another.  Be sure to visit several reputable slab yards and spend time looking through the slabs and comparing them to find the ones that are just right for you in terms of price and quality.  Once you have found “the one” be sure the slab seller will hold the specific slab that you have fallen in love with for your fabricator to pick up.